Ozone Hospital

Today, with over 80 beds across 2 hospitals, and a significant presence at every touch-point of the medical value chain, Ozone Multi Speciality Hospital is one of Maharashtra’s largest healthcare groups. Commenced as a 150 bed hospital, today the group has grown exponentially both in Akola and neighbouring districts. Its growth is often said to be synonymous with India emerging as a major hub in global healthcare.

Ozone Multi Speciality Hospital is driven by a single thrust, to provide the best standards of patient care. It is this passion that has lead to the development of unique centers of excellence across medical disciplines, within the Ozone Multi Speciality Hospital network.

True to its founding principles, the group has made quality healthcare accessible to the people of Akola, and neighbouring districts. It has become an institution of trust, and a beacon of hope to so many searching for a cure for their ailments.

The legacy of touching and enriching lives stems from the pillars of the Ozone philosophy – experience, excellence, expertise and research. We pride ourselves for constantly being on the cutting edge, and going the extra mile to stay relevant and revolutionary.